An Amazon Prime Review from a 5+ Year Member

At this point, most people either have or know of Amazon Prime but for those of you that don’t or want an honest review of the program, I thought I would write one up for you guys. I will start off by saying that the membership price is just under $100 per year, so if you do not plan on ordering from Amazon often or using any of their products (music, video streaming, etc) then the subscription may not be for you.

Free 2-Day (and in some cases) 1-Day and Same Day Shipping

Personally, I have placed 34 orders so far this year which equates to about $340 in shipping charges (approximately, considering about $10 per order for shipping) Even if I reduce that approximation to $5 per order for shipping, that is $170 for the first half of the year and this also is considered to be the standard charge for a 5-10 day shipping time frame. Some of those items have been larger items, which means shipping would technically be more. Also, the end of the year brings the holiday season which means I will likely double or triple my amount of typical orders. I also started using Amazon Pantry this year which sends me household items monthly so my orders have increased in that respect as well.

With Prime, I am paying absolutely no shipping charges so I would bet my shipping savings is somewhere between $600-$800 per year. Not only that, when you order Prime items you receive them in 2 days or less. There are some items that qualify for 1 or even same day shipping, which is nice if you are in desperate need of something quickly. The downside is that these Prime items are the only items that are available for the free 2-day shipping. But, with over 100 million items that offer Prime shipping you would be hard-pressed to find something that you can’t get with Prime.

Prime Day

I love Prime Day! It is basically Black Friday for but exclusively for Amazon Prime members. It is a day (well close to 2 days) of great deals that show up randomly all day and stay up until they are sold out. There is no particular genre of products offered as they come from every corner of Amazon. You can also log in and see upcoming deals and be notified once the deal starts so you don’t miss out. This year, Prime Day is July 15-16 and you can shop from your phone or mobile device as well as your desktop (and of course, free 2-day shipping on every item). I usually start my Christmas shopping on Prime Day (yes, I am that person) and have always gotten great deals. I look forward to it every year!

Prime Stream

I love, love, love this one. With Amazon’s streaming platform, you are able to stream free movies, shows and music from any device. My son is not in school yet so we use Amazon Prime to stream free learning videos during the day so he can be (somewhat) ready for Kindergarten in August. Some shows and movies are not free, of course, so you have to rent or purchase them but there are so many free ones out there we don’t typically have to purchase anything unless its something new.

When it comes to music, we pay an additional fee so we can listen to anything we want. Without paying the fee, you cannot get every song available on Amazon’s music platform. However, there are TONS of songs in their music library as well as countless music stations and genres that you can play for free via your mobile devices, Alexa or desktop. We used the Prime version for a long time before we decided to add the unlimited package.

Through streaming, there are also games available for download, audio programs and series as well as Kindle books, children’s books comics and Audible narration (over 1,000 come with your membership).

Prime Extras

There are tons of other perks that you get when you join Amazon Prime that I haven’t even tried myself yet but plan to in the future.

  • Prime Wardrobe – Choose up to 8 clothing items to be shipped to you free, try on and send back what you do not want and pay for what you keep.
  • Prime Exclusives – Anytime a new Prime item launches, members are the first to know.
  • Whole Foods Market Perks – Prime members get 5% back when they shop with the Amazon credit card (oh yea, Amazon has a Prime card, too), free 2 hour delivery from the store as well as weekly sales and deals (example: 10% off items throughout the store with a Prime sign) just for Prime members.
  • Prime Pantry – Basically, Amazon set up its own grocery store with the typical low prices that it is famous for (only available in select regions and is an add on services for about $5/month)

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. I save the yearly membership fee in shipping alone and then some. And with the additional perks and offerings, I would say any Prime member would come out on top with this service.

Do you all have Amazon Prime, yet? If not, what questions do you have or what is stopping you from signing up? What do you love about Prime if you have it? Drop some comments below and let us know!

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