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I have always been very narrow minded when it comes to doing things outside of my comfort zone. Typically, if I am not ok with it then it’s a “no” from me…no room for argument or possibility. When I first started hearing rumors a few years ago that people were using CBD oil to control pain or help with sleep, I was super judge-y. Like, seriously…that stuff is weed, dude. We grew up saying “NO!” to drugs and, in case you weren’t aware, marijuana is one of those. So, clearly, my mind was made up.

Fast forward to the past year…

My husband spent 10 years in the military, where he had multiple deployments, training exercises, and airborne jumps from actual airplanes. For many years, he has dealt with pain from injuries that resulted from his military career. The Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital has given him many types of medicines for pain management, but he does not like to use medications for pain unless it is absolutely necessary. And even then, the man will push through it, which I highly admire. He has cysts and tendinosis along his knee caps, disc space/height loss between many of his cervical vertebra, multilevel degenerative disc disease, mild multilevel facet arthropathy, osteophytic spurring, along with injuries to his shoulder as well as plantar fasciitis….the list goes on to the point where some days, I am really not sure how he comes home from work and still wrestles with our kids without falling apart.

In the last six to eight months, it seems the pain has worsened and he’s gone through multiple scanning and testing to see what would be best for him in terms of pain management or perhaps, surgery, at some point but none of it will be a 100% fix. And there’s no guarantee it will even help long-term. So, we have been icing and heating and stretching and he even stopped working out for a bit (the one thing he really enjoys as a hobby for himself) just to ease the pain. Unfortunately, this caused him to put on a little weight which began causing depression because my husband is a total health nut (I know, *eye roll*). This just wouldn’t do, so we started researching other methods of pain management. Cue the intro to CBD oil.

You can isolate it?

Since the legalization of Cannabidiol oil (CBD), many shops have been popping up all around our city so many people we knew had begun to get curious and try the stuff. I finally gave in and stopped being such a jerk about the CBD oil because I was hearing more and more about how it wasn’t an illegal drug, so we did our research.

In our minds, the big issue with my husband using CBD is that, if not isolated, there could be traces of THC because these products are allowed a 0.3% variance. Studies have shown that with the 0.3% variance (a 0.3% chance of the product containing THC) one could fail a drug test. Like my husband, that could cost many people their jobs so my judge-y nature reared its ugly head and he felt the same way (for once) as I did. But, guess what…CBD can be broken down into two categories: Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate. The CBD isolate is extracted from the marijuana plant and isolated from the other cannabinoids which makes it purified, guaranteed 0% THC…no variance.

Vive Mood

Through learning about this method, we were introduced to a CBD oil by a company called Vive Mood. These  products come with a certificate of analysis showing that there is 0% THC in every batch that they produce. They can achieve this because they use the hemp part of the plant. What makes me feel even more comfortable with this product is that these tests are completed by a third party facility to ensure that no numbers have been misconstrued.

Vive Mood even has a patent on extracting the CBD isolate that no other company has. They have marketed this idea for consumers that are in government positions, military, and other occupations that get drug tested on a random basis. Currently they have a roll on which is 300mg CBD per oz and a tincture (dropper) that is organic, 1,000mg CBD with Cinnamon Bark Oil.

What it does for you

Studies are showing that CBD oil may

  • create calmness for when you have reached your limit (i.e. when people drive you insane in the school drop off line)
  • support a healthy immune system
  • maintains digestive function
  • support occasional sleeplessness
  • support healthy energy level
  • promote a stable mood
  • and the list goes on….

We love our CBD!

…is something I never thought I would say. My husband’s chronic pain is being managed with this stuff. I am still in disbelief. Like, I still try to think of reasons (beside that it actually works) of how his pain is taken away with the use of this oil. I have family members and friends that have used it and their pain has been eased (disclaimer: individual results may vary) but I have yet to hear of someone say it hasn’t worked for them in some way.

I laugh to myself sometimes when I think of how my past self would react to knowing my view on using CBD oil now. It’s a beautiful thing, friends, so do your research and judge for yourself. Don’t let your lack of knowledge cause you to miss out on something that could potentially change your life (or the life of someone you love)!

If you are interested in purchasing CBD oil from Vive Mood, sign up as a customer (yes, it’s free) and start ordering today!

14 thoughts on “Best CBD Isolate – #usetheropenotthedope”

  1. I’ve seen so many people find “peace” using this product. Folks with RA, MS, even a lady that’s going through a hip replacement, day after day tried this product, and within 15min had no pain for 6 hours! Amazing, that an oil, as I viewed it, could change the way you feel, and truly give a person quality of life. Migraine sufferers, this is a unbelievable game changer!!! Under the tongue drops then applied to your temples and when 5 minutes~ relief! Within 20 all but gone! These are just a couple of first hand things I’ve seen from folks that are using this product. Vive Moods CBD OIL is truly something special! I RECOMMEND 100%

    1. For sure! I am still amazed by this product and all it does for you. I can’t testify personally to using the drops but if the roller can do what it does I can’t even imagine how great the drops are (I will be trying them next). Thanks for the comment and the read!

  2. This product is amazing! I had a friend that had arthritis in her hand and she couldn’t completely close her hand and make a fist. She rubbed some of the CBD oil on her knuckles and within minutes she could close her hand completely! It has helped me sleep more soundly at night and is great for recovery after workouts! I was not a believer in this product at first. To be honest I thought it was all marijuana and refused to use it all. But after hearing that it can be isolated from THC and hearing and seeing all the wonderful testimonies I had to give it a shot. Now I’m definitely a believer. This product can change lives.

    1. Hi Curt,
      Thanks for the comment and for reading! I was of exactly the same opinion, I didn’t plan to use CBD because of the belief it was marijuana. I am so glad that I got over my judgments and did some actual research. Definitely a game changer for me and my husband as well as people everywhere. I’ve heard so many good things about this stuff and I still have trouble believing it’s actually a thing. Glad it is working for you as well!

  3. Thanks for this great article. I have heard so many good things about CBD lately and I would like to try it myself. The extra-isolated CBD oil would be important because I don’t want a mind and mood altering drug kind of effect. 

    I like how you said “use the rope not the dope”. At first I didn’t get it but I realized that the “dope” is the THC and the “rope” is the hemp plant which has the CBD. Is that it? 

    I am continuing to do my research to find the best CBD out there. Thanks for your help! I will bookmark this page because this is probably the best. 

    1. Hi Chuck,
      That’s exactly it, they use the part of the plant that doesn’t “get you high”. Definitely do your research, I feel like people hear something and go with it without really finding out for themselves a lot of the time. That is not always a good thing, especially with things like CBD. Using one that is not certified would be like eating gas station sushi (as I’ve heard it described). Not knocking it either way because it could be ok but without certification, you just never know what you’re getting. Good luck to you and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

  4. I like this and honestly I was just like you and your husband in the past about the fact that using the products meants taking in drugs into the system but j saw people who used cbd products and testified. I make use of cbd but I’m not sire how low the quality of the THC in the product is but honestly now I dont care, I am just ecstatic to jump on vive mood and start using it because it has a low rate of THC that one can confirm. I’ll get straight up to signing up. I wish your husband and you too a healthy life.

    1. Hi there and thanks for reading! I love this product because it guarantees 0% THC in the product and that is super important, especially for those that get random drug tests at work and need that confidence that they won’t be fired over using something to help their pain (or other afflictions). Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to share whatever knowledge I may have 🙂

  5. Wow! Just like you, I am the judgy type and wouldn’t have anything to do with a weed. But earlier this year, I got involved in a minor accident and my waist has been painful since then. I got many supplements bit none of them worked to full force as the pain worsened till I was introduced to the cbd oil by my aunt. By them, I would have used anything just to get away from the pains and over the course of one week, I started to get relieved well and now, I still make use of the cbd oil products though I change brands often due so I can get another with Kore effectiveness. This vivewood seems very efficient as a product and would be worthy of being tested out especially since it is isolated and certified to be pure. Thanks

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your accident but I am glad you were able to find the CBD oil worked for your constant pain. It is such an amazing thing to have that kind of pain and be able to get rid of it without the use of pain killers. Best of luck to you and give me a shout if you decide to try it out and have questions about Vive!

  6. I have been skeptical about any use of marijuana and this conditioning kept me from learning about its benefits. I am glad you shared the story of your husband. It is a practical story and I am now seeing that I need to have some CBD oil on hand because I am not a fan of painkillers. Besides helping pain it has all those benefits ? I have to get one. Thanks for the explanations and the insight. I am coming back to this ste

    1. Hi JJ,
      Thanks for reading. CBD oil has so many different benefits and I feel like there are many more that we do not even know about yet. Definitely continue doing your research, I believe you will find that Vive Mood has the best product on the market right now, especially having the certification to back up its isolation process and 0% THC guarantee. Best of luck!

  7. Seriously, I am bookmarking this page so that I can get this oil soon. I absolutely believe in this oil to be able to do wonders. My brother often comes up with this severe migraine and I always prefer organic medications like this one. Although, like you said, we grow up taught that certain plants or leaves are ilegal. But things have changed now, most plants based medicines like CBD oil definitely has the potential to save lives. Thanks for the information Chasnea 

    1. Thanks for the comment and I agree, it’s a great product. I am glad it has worked for your brother and his migraines. Whichever product you choose, just be sure it’s certified so you know everything that’s in it and good luck in your research!

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