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Hey, y’all! I wanted to post a quick review on the security system we currently use at our house in case anyone was looking for a DIY home security system rather than one of those companies that come in and install for you. Those are great options, for sure, because they will do it all for you and most times come back until they get it right if there are ever any problems. However, if you are a fellow DIY-er like we are, you may appreciate this system.

For the past four years we have used Protect America and it is truly a very simple install, even if you have no idea what you are doing (me) or are a little more advanced in this type of thing (my husband, or so he thinks). The basic idea is that you call in or place your order online, let them know how many doors and/or windows you’d like to secure as well as if you would like motion detectors and security cameras for in or outdoors. We did all the above because the price was great for us and the install seemed super simple.

Order Process

I researched a ton of security companies and systems and landed on Protect America after a lot of deliberation between my husband and myself. These days, the order process is quick and easy. You can either call the toll free number, build your system online or request a free quote.

In order to build a system online, you will just enter your zip code on the first screen and continue through to answer questions on which system is best for your home. You can begin with the basic, complete or complete plus package and add on from there if you need anymore window or door sensors, etc. All packages include a touchscreen control panel, motion detector, yard sign, key chain remote, 24/7 monitoring and the Smartphone app with Interactive Alarm Control (awesome for people like me that forget to turn the alarm on when I leave the house).

Once you have chosen your package (details below), you can add on any extras needed for your particular taste or needs and then fill out your address and payment information to check out. Your items come very quickly and then you will set up all of your password info via telephone with a representative. All the reps we have dealt with are extremely helpful and take you step by step through the set up/install process.

Package Contents

The basic package protects up to 3 doors and windows, the complete package protects up to 6 and the complete plus package protects up to 14. Video surveillance can be added for an additional price and will add a bit more to your monthly monitoring fee (about $5 more) as well. You can add more window/door sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, fire/environmental protectors, doorbell cameras and key chain remotes as needed to your packages.

The packages range from $130-$150 with a three-year commitment and will increase if you choose not to sign a contract. We signed the contract because we planned to stay with the company for at least a year to try it out and we renewed after that for three years because we loved it so much. They even offered us a $200 Visa gift card for renewing which was a pretty good incentive for a renewal. The monthly rate ranges as well depending on your package but starts around $32 and can go up as high as you choose depending on your add-ons and region.

Set up and Installation

We were able to get our system installed in less than an hour, however we did not have video surveillance when we first signed up. Once we had placed our sensors on the doors and windows, we called in and set the professional monitoring up over the phone.

It really was that easy and within one evening we were set up and good to go. No installation appointments or strange people coming in our house to set anything up for us, we did it all on our own and paid less than $150 to do so. Now, we pay our monthly monitoring fee and have no worries about our home security.

Smartphone App

As I mentioned, with the app you can also set your thermostat, lights and other smart home add-ons. Another perk to the app is that you can turn the alarm off when you pull up to your house. I loved this because at the time we first got the system, we often had three kids running to open the door and with so much chaos when the door was opened, it was difficult to get to the panel to disarm the alarm. With the app, I would disarm it as soon as I pulled in and then we could walk in without having to trip over all the kids and dogs in order to stop the siren from sounding for the entire neighborhood.

A great way to secure your home…

This was one of the best decisions that we ever made for our family and home. The app makes everything so easy to control and monitor, especially if you have smart home additions. We love everything about this system and would purchase it again in a second.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments make sure to leave them below and tell us what you think!

4 thoughts on “DIY Home Security System Reviews – Protect America”

  1. Thank you for the information on home security. We are currently looking at systems and used safe touch in the past. With safe touch if the alarm goes off a person would respond over the speaker asking you for a code word. If the correct code word was not provided the police would arrive asap. Can you share how Protect America works if the Alarm is activated?

    1. Hi Angel,
      Sure, no problem! With Protect America, you also have a code word and once the alarm is set off they will call the phone number(s) on file. Should you answer, they will ask for the code word and if you are ok. If you do not answer or the code word is not provided correctly, the police would be sent out promptly. We had this happen once when my brother in law entered our house and we were on vacation in the middle of the night. We never heard our phones so the police were dispatched. Eventually, we answered and they let us know what had happened. Another time, one of our kids (who shall remain nameless) found and pressed the panic button and the police almost came out. Had my husband not answered his phone and provided the correct code word, we would’ve had a very unpleasant visit from law enforcement. Protect America gives you a remote with a panic button that you can press from anywhere inside the house and it will immediately contact the authorities. I loved this little perk because it meant that if I had an emergency and couldn’t get to the phone, I could easily have one of the kids press the panic button in order to get help. Best of luck on your search!

  2. Thank you for your first hand experience with this product working. I always see the commercials in how they work, but always curious about how responsive the companies can be. It’s easy to sell a security company, but does the idea just scare people or does it work? It is apparent with Protect America security company it works and doesn’t just promote to scare a thief away.

    1. Glad you found this blog useful! The process definitely works and the install is super easy so we love it. I think the great thing about having a security system is that initially, it could scare away the random kid that wants to play pranks or someone attempting to steal porch packages which is typically what most people get on a daily basis. However, the added feature of contacting the authorities if someone truly does break in is what makes a security system worth having. There’s no limit to protecting your family and this system will definitely do that. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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