Graduation Gift Ideas for Girls – Maybe they won’t hate it.

So, my husband’s little sister is graduating from high school in a few weeks and (full disclosure) I am dreading the gift part. I have no idea what to buy her because I feel like this is one of those big gifts that kind of defines which person you are in someone’s life.

Like, if I buy her a book about “the road ahead”, I’ll be known as that sister-in-law that is super serious and sentimental about everything and always brings something practical to gatherings, like napkins and paper plates or something. Or if I give her a poo emoji plushy I am automatically dubbed as the one she calls at 3am when she needs a ride home after partying too hard.

Honestly, I don’t want to be either. I always forget the napkins and I absolutely despise being woken up between the hours of 11pm and 8am. Am I making too much of this? Yea, probably. But, whatever we get her I want her to use it and I also want her to love it. There just aren’t a whole lot of things in life that fit both of those categories, especially for a teenage girl about to embark on a new life journey (ah…I was the sentimental one right there, did you see that?).

After all of this pondering, I went on a search to find out what everyone else gets in these situations and I think I may have found a few winners. Let’s see what you think…

Something to wear…

A little keepsake that doubles as jewelry has long been a favorite gift for graduating seniors in high school and college alike. And, why not? It is something that can be worn every day for as long as you wish yet, still remains a special sentiment once you take it off for the last time.

There are truly hundreds of options of jewelry for graduates and each one would be a great gift for someone. I happened across this bracelet made by Alex and Ani especially for graduates. It looks like they were available last year as I was able to find some 2018 bracelets and they have made them again for 2019.

They are available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold and include the year charm as well as the graduation cap. The rose gold is a little more expensive than the others but I think it’s because this color is more popular right now. On Amazon, you can get these for $26.99 in the rose gold and $20.99 for silver or yellow gold. The reviews are few on Amazon but all five stars with buyers stating they love the look and its ability to expand.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

A set of luggage is always a practical and fun idea for graduates. For most, they are likely headed off to college or maybe a graduation trip with their friends. What better way to send them off than with a stylish set of spinners?

This set that I found on Ebay is by Rockland and is called the Melbourne 2-Piece Spinner Set. It comes in a large variety of colors and the smaller one is perfect for carry-on while the other piece would be large enough to carry whatever she needs for week-long vacation.

Reviews were great with an average 4 out of 5 stars on eBags out of 106 reviews. Positive reviewers stated that these are great gifts for the younger generations, they are sturdy and reliable and have plenty of room inside. Negative reviews stated that the handle loosens after use and that the wheels are not best for having to go up staircases.

Girl on the Go…

I found this little gift set at Things Remembered and it seems a perfect gift to give any graduating senior who loves their phone (so basically, all of them). It includes earbuds, a travel case, phone clip and a portable power bank with USB cord. The pouch pull tab and phone clip can both be engraved to add a bit of personalization to the gift.

The full cost is $37.50 right now (it’s on sale so buy it now!) which includes the option to buy online and pick up at your closest store in order to forgo shipping costs. If you decide to personalize all available areas (front and back of pull tab and phone clip) this will add $19 to your total.

There aren’t any reviews yet, I believe this may be a new item so I will check back in a couple weeks to see what the masses are saying. Also, use code A290 through 5/15/19 to get 15% off and this should be combinable with any other coupons or promotions going on when you link to the site.

Consider the Hope Chest…

I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post and I will say it again here because it really is a great idea. Get your graduate a chest or trunk and tell your family and friends to buy them items for their future dorm or first place. These are things that you would have to buy before they move off to college, typically, like kitchen items or bedroom furniture and decor.

It will save you some money and will give others a super easy idea for a gift. For the chest, you could go as extravagant as this cedar chest on Amazon or something as simple as a storage trunk, depending on your kid and your budget. I was gifted a super nice cedar chest in middle school and still have it to this day.

And that’s all, folks!

I plan to keep searching for other ideas but I personally think we will likely buy one or more of the gifts above for our graduate. There is no guarantee any of these will fit the bill perfectly but I think we may be close.

What do you all buy for the graduates in your family or circle? Any ideas for those of us that are still clueless? Drop a comment and join the conversation!

4 thoughts on “Graduation Gift Ideas for Girls – Maybe they won’t hate it.”

  1. I love the chest idea as this helps friends and family be a part of the new Journey for the graduate. Plus it can serve as a storage area in the future!

    1. I love it, too! I think it helps out so much when you have a teen that doesn’t offer many ideas on what to get them for holidays, graduations or birthdays! Thanks for reading!

  2. Chasnea,

    We are looking for court yard furniture that is durable in Florida weather. Something that fits a Tuscan, Mediterranean style but must be able to withstand the humid Florida heat. If you have any advise or suggestions we would appreciate the information.

    1. You’re in luck! I’ve recently started looking for some patio furniture myself and have already started a post for some awesome finds. Stay tuned!

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