Minecraft for Kids’ Bedrooms – Do we have to?

Yes, apparently we do. People always told me not to change my kids’ bedroom decor every time they get super interested in something new because it changes so quickly and so often….and they were right. Except for this Minecraft thing. One of our kids is absolutely crazy about the game, the toys, even imaginary play. This has gone on for quite a long time and I suppose it is time to refresh his room anyway, so when I mentioned this he naturally tells me he wants all the Minecraft.

Minecraft is relatively new to my level of parenting, therefore I really had no idea where to look to find things for his bedroom that weren’t completely tacky or would overtake the natural serenity of a five-year-old boy’s room (riiiiight). But, after several days of searching, I was able to find these options for Minecraft for kids’ bedrooms. So, if you are searching for something similar, feel free to read through and see if there is anything you (I mean, your kids) may like.

Target has a Minecraft Collection??

I go to Target at least once a week (yea, I can be that person) and I am pretty sure I’ve never seen any Minecraft bedding there. But it looks like my Target skills are weakening because it’s there and according to my son, he’s seen it a million times. There are throw pillows, cushions, Creeper and Sheep pillows, lamps, piggy banks and of course, a comforter and sheet set. I could not find any curtains, however, so you may need to look elsewhere for those or just use something solid that will match the other colors.

Depending on your bed size and other needs, you will probably spend over $75 because this isn’t one of those “bed-in-a-bag” deals and you will be buying everything separately. All the reviews were either 4 or 5 star for the sheet set and comforter. Negative reviews complained that they wished there was a different design on the underside of the comforter and another said that the stitching did not hold up well.

Options from Walmart

Not surprisingly, Walmart has many options of comforters for a kids’ Minecraft inspired bedroom. There are also pillows, blankets as well as a throw pillow of whoever this Steve guy is as well. (Ask your kids, they will probably know immediately). Some comforters are not bad at all for the price and if you change your kids rooms around often, a cheaper version may not be such a bad idea.

Reviews of these vary, but the set pictured here has nearly 5 star reviews and costs around $30 for the twin size six piece set. It doesn’t define very well what is included, however it looks to be the comforter, sheet (fitted and flat), pillowcase, throw pillow and a tote for….I’m not really sure what? But for $30, that’s not bad at all.

Minecraft Creeper Bedding Set on Amazon

If your kid digs the Creepers, here is a pretty good priced set on Amazon that features these guys. It includes a comforter, fitted and flat sheet and a pillowcase. It is also a Prime item, which means you get free two-day shipping.

The only negative reviews were those that were missing items in their shipments and one person said theirs fell apart in the wash. The remaining 90ish reviewers were extremely happy with this product. Many cited the sheets and comforter as being very comfortable and that their kids loved the design.

Do you have a Minecraft bedding set?

If so, where did you buy it and how much do you and your kids like it?? Make sure to comment below and let us know. Good luck on your decorating endeavors!

4 thoughts on “Minecraft for Kids’ Bedrooms – Do we have to?”

  1. Hi Chasnea, 

    Really useful article! My six year old Zach is also Minecreaft obsessed, I hadn’t really considered that there may be bedding and bedroom equipment available. I live in the UK so I’ll be checking out the bedding set on Amazon, do you know if they do any other Minecraft furniture/ bedroom stuff?

    1. I haven’t seen any actual furniture myself, but I imagine it’s out there. I have seen cushions, wall hangings and lamps, though. Check out Target’s website and Amazon for those as well. The best deals I have found are on Amazon with the more unique items on the Target website. Happy shopping!

  2. I believe my kids will love these, well at least the youngest one.  All my kids have played minecraft even the older ones that have moved out some time ago.  I think it appeals to them cause they just need to use their imagination and the world can be created.  So of course why not expand that a little to the real world:),  Plus it really looks better than an untidy room anyways:)  So if it keeps the room clean I all for it lol.

    1. Hi Sam,
      I’ve heard so many negatives of video games, and I totally get it. Too much is just too much. However, this particular game doesn’t seem too bad if they are going to play something. It teaches them to build their own worlds and use their imagination. My five year old is already grasping it very well and of course, we do limit his playtime to an amount that is safe and that we are comfortable with. I do like the idea of expanding it to the real world with the toys and bedding, just because it takes them away from sitting in front of the TV and actually doing some physical play. Thanks for the comment!

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