Outdoor Dog Kennel – Perfect for those escape artists!

Hi all! I wanted to post this product that my husband and I purchased for one of our dogs when we were having trouble keeping her from getting into trouble when we left the house. It is an adjustable outdoor dog kennel that can also be used indoors, if needed.

We have a super sweet boxer/lab mix girl named Rosie who is very playful and very good at getting out of our backyard. She can jump a six-foot fence and possibly higher but she’s just never had that option. She can also be VERY rambunctious and initially had some questionable behavior issues that needed to be dealt with.

We’ve done some training so she has gotten a lot better when it comes to taking her on walks or runs and she behaves much better when people come over. However, she still likes to escape the comforts of home on occasion if she thinks there is another dog nearby that she can play with so we cannot leave her out in the backyard unattended. We also cannot leave her in the house because, as a lab, she likes to chew. We figured that out when we left her out in the house once when we left for a few hours and she chewed up half of our ottoman. So yea, never doing that again.

Anyway, fast-forward to a couple years ago, we decided we had to get something to keep her in so that she would have some freedom when we left the house but not enough that she could get out. We found an AWESOME kennel that is put up and taken down quickly and easily, can be indoor or outdoor AND gives her room to walk around a little. I am posting our review of this one below (Lucky Dog Uptown Kennel) but I am also adding a few others that may meet some needs of others as well.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Dog Kennel

I love this kennel for several reasons!

  1. It has a roof. Rosie could easily jump this if she wasn’t afraid of hitting the roof, but since it is there, she has never attempted to jump out. It keeps the sun off of her on warmer days as well as the rain if we are gone during a storm.
  2. You can easily adjust the size, take the whole thing down or put it together quickly. The first time will take longer of course, but once you put it together it is easy to do again and again. I like that we can take only half of it with us if we are going on vacation or somewhere that she can go as well. It also fits perfectly in our garage when the weather gets too hot or cold here and she needs to come inside. Moving it is easy as well, you don’t have to take it apart and it isn’t too heavy.
  3. The XL size is great for medium to extra large dogs because they can walk around or play with toys. There is space for their food and water as well as somewhere to use the bathroom if needed and they can still take a nap on the other side without it being too close quarters.
  4. There are honestly no negatives for us on this kennel. It fits all of our needs and has lasted us two years without breaking or bending due to the weather or our dog’s behavior (i.e. chewing, trying to open the door, etc). If I had to give a problem, I would say it would be that I cannot put this together all on my own. But that is because I just do not have the strength to hold the panels together and put the screws in at the same time. I am sure others would have no problem and my husband does it all the time, but for a smaller person it might be a little difficult.

Side Table Dog Kennels

This has seriously got to be the best idea ever invented for dogs and their owners. We also have two small schnauzers that like to have their own area to rest away from each other but I have always hated those small wire crates sitting out in the house. Luckily, one of our friends found this great little crate that is disguised as a side table for your living room or bedroom and we bought it from her and have used it for years.

I found this one on Amazon and it looks almost exactly like the one we have. It may actually be one and the same. If it is, I would highly recommend it. We have gotten many compliments on the look of the crate and the fact that it is used as a side table. The door is very sturdy and we have had no issues with it breaking or bending ourselves. One of the slats was broken previously in a move before we got it and my friend’s husband had replaced it. But it has held up just fine for us and our dogs.

Travel Dog Kennel

These are great ideas for traveling with smaller and/or larger well-behaved animals. I say that because they would be easier to break out of or tear apart. It is available in several sizes depending on your pets’ needs and has an easy to fold design which makes it great for storing or packing. It can accommodate pets up to 85 lbs and comes in sizes up to 42 inches. The door is zippered and mesh, allowing good air flow and also rolls up.

The reviews favor the positive side with 75% giving 5 out of 5 stars saying the design was great and many claim that the product is well-made and put together. Negative reviewers (about 15% gave 3 stars or below) mentioned their pets were able to escape or tear up the kennel. Many were puppies that chewed through the sides or mesh door.

If you have any of these kennels or have some suggestions of others that are unique or work exceptionally well, drop a comment below so we can discuss!

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