Unique Kitchen Gadgets that will make your life easier!

I love finding new and unique kitchen gadgets that will help me out with the things I do every day, and especially if they make my life easier. There are all kinds of different gadgets out there, some that I don’t think I could live without and others I could take or leave. We cook dinner at home almost every night during the week and my husband and I like to try out new recipes and cooking methods so there is always some new gadget he or I are trying out in the kitchen. Here are a few that I think are super helpful that you might want to pick up for yourself!

Automatic Pan Stirrer

I recently started canning my own pickles and at some point, I would like to make some jam with all the peaches in our backyard. I have heard an automatic stirrer is a great tool for making things like jams and sauces so I am planning to purchase one of these in the future. This StirMate Pot Stirrer is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and is self adjusting and cordless. It can be used on pots from 6-12 inches in diameter and 3-9 inches in depth. You are also able to purchase separate attachments with a thermometer kit and those for an extra large pot as well.

Most of the negative reviews complained that this stirrer did not reach deep enough into their larger pots so this attachment would likely remedy that issue. One reviewer came back a year after making their first review to state that this product still works perfectly and that they have used it over a hundred times since their purchase.

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

This is a great idea to keep your counter tops dry after washing cutlery and other utensils and leaving them to air dry. In a traditional dish drain, your dishes and utensils will drip-dry and usually drain onto the counter top or towel underneath. With this drainer designed in the shape of an elephant, it allows the water to drain straight out and into the sink. Another idea for use would be a toothbrush/toothpaste holder for the bathroom.

The reviews are about 80% positive with most stating the product is functional and cute and would make a great gift. A few negative reviewers mentioned this item would be better with suction at the bottom as it overturns easily.

Concealed Drawers Cutting Board

We do a lot of fresh vegetables at our house for dinner and when I saw this cutting board, I had to have it. It has a genius design that allows you to put whatever you are cutting into the drawers underneath the board. If you end up not using the foot, there are lids to cover it up for easy storage until you are ready to use it.

This is such a great idea and will work great to keep everything separate until I am ready to cook it. The reviews are great with 90% giving 4 or more stars and most cited the product has a larger cutting surface than most cutting boards on the market. Two reviewers mentioned the cutting surface was not as heavy-duty as they had hoped.

Defrosting Tray

Maybe I have been living under a rock because I had no idea there was such a thing as a defrosting tray that will defrost your frozen foods naturally in half the time. This particular tray is dishwasher safe and requires no electricity or batteries to work.

The reviews lean positive on this product with most saying it works and usually within a few hours they are able to thaw out frozen meat. Many negative reviewers felt this product did not work with some expecting the meat to thaw within thirty minutes to an hour.

Insert cooking quote here:

If I could give you any advice (you asked me, right?) when it comes to cooking, it would be to cook new recipes as often as you possibly can and cook with your kids, if you have them. The more you cook with them, the more they will have a love of different types of food and typically they will try new things more often if they are the ones making them (gasp!).

Our two younger kids LOVE to cook on their own and with us so we do our best to include them in meal planning and cooking whenever we can. It is not always feasible due to time restraints but when they get to help, we all have fun. Ok, enough with the sap and comment below if you have some unique kitchen gadgets you would like to try or own and use every day. Have a great week!!

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