Young Living Essential Oils Review – Get Oiled Up!

I would like to preface this blog by saying I am a member of Young Living, however I am writing this solely to offer an honest Young Living essential oils review so you can make your own decisions. Especially if you are on the fence about trying essential oils, I hope this helps you in deciding whether or not to try them out. This is something that I have tried and used for several years and will continue to use because certain oils do work for us and I like the idea of using all natural rather than medicinal drugs, if I can help it.

There are some things that don’t work for us so we don’t order those but there are many that do. I became a “consultant” because I get the wholesale price on everything. I could potentially bring in other consultants under me but I just really want to buy the products at wholesale (haha). The idea is to pass along some info to you in case it works for you and your family to make your lives a little easier. I still use Motrin and Tylenol when we need to get rid of a fever or pain quickly and we use antibiotics when they are prescribed, but as you will see below, when we have stomachaches or certain types of ailments we do try the oils first because most of the time they take care of the minor things.

You can check out Young Living’s website to get all the background info on how they got started and where/how they get their products. It is a great company with good morals (as far as I can tell) that sells an excellent, pure product. Their customer service is top-notch and they will answer any question you may have. They also will quickly take care of problems with orders or defective products.

Digize Vitality

This is, by far, my most favorite product from Young Living. We use Digize for stomachaches, reflux, heartburn, stomach viruses…basically anything to do with the digestive system. I have always applied it directly onto the area that is affected (lower stomach for diarrhea and viruses, upper stomach and esophagus for reflux and heartburn) and it starts working within minutes with most symptoms gone in about thirty minutes. It can also be diluted in water and taken orally if you want it to work quickly, as well as used for morning sickness if placed behind the ears. I cannot attest to that as I haven’t been pregnant since beginning to use this oil.

It is like magic once you apply it, especially for nausea and reflux. I have issues with reflux at night sometimes after laying down to sleep and would suffer for hours sometimes before finding this oil. Once I massage it on my chest or neck, the reflux subsides within about 10-20 minutes and does not return. When my kids have stomach viruses, I swear by this stuff because it seems to shorten the length of the illness by flushing out the virus quickly. The most recent virus my son acquired was over within 12 hours and I strongly feel it was because I used the Digize. Of course, I cannot be certain it wasn’t just a short-lived virus but every time I have used this oil on stomach aches or viruses, they seem to dissipate quickly which makes me think it is working. This may or may not be your experience but if you do end up trying it, I sincerely hope it works because it has been a lifesaver for us.


This oil is typically used for sinus pain and allergies as well as afflictions with the respiratory system. I have used it for sinus pain relief and allergies and it seems to open up the air passages when you are stuffed up. I massage it directly onto my sinus passages and underneath my jaw when I have a sinus headache or blockage. It is excellent for short term relief but not necessarily for infections since most people need antibiotics for that.

I also diffuse it during the day when allergies are bad for everyone in our household and it helps (until we go outside, of course). I’ve read others have had success with it for earaches, flu, colds and even gallstones but I haven’t had experience with that just yet.

Skincare Line

I have tried a lot of different skincare lines as I have gotten older and many of them work well but they are just really expensive and to be honest, I cannot afford to keep up with some of those skincare routines. I would prefer a skincare line that is all natural or as all natural as I can get. I have tried the Mint scrub mask as well as the wrinkle cream and so far, I really like it. My skin always feels moisturized and I haven’t had any trouble with redness or adverse skin reactions.

The scrub mask is great to use in the shower and smells really good. Since one of the ingredients is peppermint, it is great for opening up the nasal passages and gives your skin a clean, fresh feel once you get out of the shower. The Boswellia wrinkle cream includes Frankincense and Sandalwood oils which are known for minimizing shine and reducing fine lines. After using this for a few months, I will post another review with before and after pics. Hopefully it works for wrinkles but I can definitely say it keeps your skin hydrated all day.


Bug bites and sleep!! Rubbing just a little lavender (you can dilute it with coconut oil for kids or those with super sensitive skin, if needed) onto bug bites will take the itch away and heal it quickly. It’s awesome for fire ant bites as well. I don’t know about you but my kids scratch themselves to death when they have bug bites so the lavender is a welcome addition to the medicine cabinet. I have also used the lavender for the kids at night because it has a pleasant smell and it helps the kids get to sleep naturally.

Do your research, people!

Don’t go buying up all the essential oils just because your friends or I tell you to do it. Research what they are and where they come from, what they are used for…anything you can find so you are well-informed before you buy and try. There is a great paid app called Ref. Guide for Essential Oils that I use all the time. It lists the single and mixed oils by name with what they do and how to dilute them, if necessary. There is also a list of issues in the ‘Guide’ menu with any ailment you can think of and which oils to use in order to remedy them. In my experience, there are oils that work for us and those that just do not and sometimes you have to try different avenues and blends to achieve the desired result. But definitely give them a try after you do some research and see what works for you. Leave a comment below with your questions or experiences with using oils and don’t forget to have a great weekend!

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